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New Designer Arushi Couture

Arushi Couture has arrived into Myrtle Ivory.


Mireille Loughlin is French Born and raised in Brittany. 

After spending a few years in London were she graduated in Fashion design, she moved to Dubai 30 years ago and since then has been catering an International elite clientele.

She has a real savoir faire of Haute Couture in away that is only done by Chanel and Dior nowadays.
Thanks to a team she spent 25 years to train, she has an amazing Couture House based on the prime location of Jumeirah Beach in Dubai.

Always aware of the importance of luxury and service, she is selecting the most exclusive Luxury Boutiques in Europe: London, Geneva and Dublin as well as expanding in the USA.

Her creativity remains very French, while International and she associates Feminity with Elegance, Luxe and Poetry. 

We’re delighted to be showcasing Arushi’s gowns in our boutique.

Price range €8,000 +++

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