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Myrtle Ivory Wedding – Meghann & Darragh .. my recommendations xx

Its only taken almost two years to write this!

I am forever asked for advise and recommendations for friends and friends of friend’s for all things bridal related… so here goes!!

My only real tip is – GET IT DONEHonestly, people don’t realise how far in advance things need to be booked and miss out on booking their chosen venues/singers/ make-up artists..etc etc! Ideally book everything sooner rather than later, so that you can relax in the lead up to your wedding -knowing everything has been taken care of. If you don’t have the time, delegate! Mother of the bride/groom/bridesmaid… get your bride tribe involved!

Given my 12 years with Myrtle Ivory it is safe to say I know a thing or two about weddings. So when it came to planning ours, I really enjoyed it! It can be the most overwhelming event – if you allow it… Or the most joyous!  Mine was the latter! I loved planning it. I never let it take over, but I enjoyed all the lead up to the big day too! Any excuse for a glass of bubbles!

So venues…. when choosing a venue we saw 3 in total. We had originally planned to go abroad and get married in Italy, but after much thought we decided we wanted all our beloved family & friends to be able to attend and therefor Ireland was the safest option.. and the best for us! We booked the first venue we went to see… Tinakilly! As a venue, I cannot fault it. The staff are excellent, the food is delicious, the rooms are incredible, the views, the gardens, the location, everything was perfect and more! So thank you to all involved in making it such an unforgettable weekend for us!


We got married in St Kevin’s church in Glendalough. The week leading up to our wedding a family friend was due to marry us. Sadly, he was too unwell to do so and called in a favor for us at the last minute. He arranged St Kevin’s parish priest Father Crilly to marry us. We only met him the night prior to our wedding… and he was a delight! (So remember there will always be minor hiccups along the way on your wedding, don’t let them get to you).


My childhood pal Fauve Chapman, who has the most beautiful haunting voice sang for our ceremony. I walked up the aisle to “How Sweet it is” by Marvin Gaye. We chose not to have religious music in our ceremony, instead we had songs such as “Halo”, “Le Vis En Rose”,  “Ho Hey”.. It was magic!



The Florist we chose is a gorgeous lady named (and aptly so) Camelia, who owns Austen Flowers. I just happened to see an amazing Instagram shot of a floral curtain Camelia had made in Tinakilly… and that was me sold! Camelia lined our church with stunning floral jars that were then transported back to the venue and used on our tables for dinner. Camelia also made stunning floral wreath crowns for my bridesmaids and flower girl. An incredible floral wreath for me for our day two (pic below) and of course that out of this world flower curtain… you’re some woman Camelia, there are not enough thank you’s for bringing to life the floral vision I had.


I am so lucky to have a best friend who is a make-up artist, formerly of Georgio Armani (BT’s) and so Caoimhe did my make up on the morning. We chilled, we listened to my “getting ready” Spotify playlist I had made especially, and sipped on our fizz. The girls from Armani also came out and looked after my bridesmaids and bridal party… here she is fixing me later in the day..









For hair I had the most chilled lady in the bizz, Lorraine Browne. Talk about a cool lady. Lorraine has this ability to keep the atmosphere relaxed, and still manage to keep the bridal party on schedule! I adore her, and would highly recommend her to anyone!




No one ever tells you this but your make up team and hair stylist’ are your time keepers on the morning of the wedding! Listen to them wisely!!

I always said if and when I got married I would definitely have a videographer. I loved as a child watching my parent’s wedding video. People who are no longer with us, captured on such a special occasion. Watching all the fashion of the guests.. it was the 80’s!!

So when it came to our own I found the talented B&G productions and dealt with the lovely Joseph! Joseph is a superhero, he managed to be totally invisible on our wedding day. I honestly don’t remember seeing him (bar chatting to him that morning over a coffee). He has this ability to be there but not be seen and yet captures everything! My wedding video is priceless, I love watching it from time to time and can’t wait to watch it with my kids.


Photography! Well now I knew there was only ever going to be one lady for the job! I am her biggest fan! And she’s just a beautiful humble wee lass who actually came and photographed our newborn- that’s how special she is to us. Paula O’Hara  is simply an artist… Thank you for being part of the magic!






Music, as aforementioned we had our lovely pal Fauve sing for us in the church assisted by violin and guitar. Darragh and I are massively into our music.. Good music just sets the tone for everything I think. For our drinks reception we had the Havana Trio play. It was so lovely to come back from the church to the venue, and have  Havana Trio walk amongst our guests and sing whilst they sipped on bubbles and ate the yummy canapes.


After dinner we had Jo Petit & The Dreamband play. To this day, people still talk to me about our wedding band! They were rocking! The staff in Tinakilly raved about them to us over breakfast the next morning. Jo is an incredible front man, and the band are phenomenal! I never left the dancefloor!



We had a great DJ then to finish up the evening (aka the wee hours!). The next day we had the Kooky Ukes to play at our BBQ, these guys know how to get a party started again! It was so lovely to see everyone in great spirits dancing away even after a late night. And so that evening we had the amazing Eibhin Eviston come along with her keyboard & guitarist. Eibhin typically plays the Black Door. Oh how we danced! Amongst a few vocal serenades from friends alike, we had a proper hooley and I cannot recommend all the musicians from the weekend enough! Links below;


We had our wedding invites & mass booklets made up by the fabulous Aga from I would highly recommend Aga, she’s a dreamboat. Simply get cracking on a little pinterest board with ideas for your wedding invites & she’ll design something special for you.


Our cake was made by super star baker Denise Drum a white chocolate & champagne sponge! Yum!!


And we had the most delicious donuts from They were devoured!


The dress… I wore a beautiful design from Claire Pettibone called “Raven”. It was never going to be easy as I’m surrounded by incredible designs, but this one just got me, it was the only one I tried on, and I just knew it was everything I wanted and it felt so good I didn’t want to take it off! Claire Pettibone… you know how much I love you!!

Headpiece is “Abbey Gardens” by Stephanie Browne, Myrtle Ivory. My earrings & bracelet were a gift from my Godmother from Marchesa.

We had our seating chart written by hand on a mirror by talented lady Aly Lavin & lot’s of little pieces decorated around Tinakilly by Aly. It’s nice to put your own little touches around your venue on the day! We had some Bowie lyrics “I will be King & she will be Queen”, and some fun quotes in the bathroom “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” Elizabeth Taylor.


And we had delicious ice-cream for outside the church waiting for our guests after the ceremony!!


I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone…



Honestly… enjoy it all! Yes it’s only one day in your life, but a day you’ll remember for a lifetime. Precious moments with people who are very dear and special to you. Here’s to you and your planning! Dream big x