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Claire Pettibone “Vagabond”Pop UP Shop March 23rd-31st

There are some dresses that just take your breath away…. The entire Vagabond collection left us gasping!! We are beyond excited to host the Claire Pettibone Pop Up Shop in Myrtle Ivory March 23rd-31st. We would highly recommend booking in early. For the bride who wants to stand out from the crowd, “Vagabond” is worth a visit.

Claire Pettibone” North, South, East and West…wanderlust has taken hold, and whether we travel from place to place on holiday, as life demands, or in the virtual world, the idea of exploring will always hold a certain romance.We meld and blend our cultures and traditions to create something new and profoundly beautiful, based on love and a sense of adventure. Fabrics are layered, and combined in unexpected ways for a truly unique gown for the bride. Bon Voyage!”

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